North Shore Center for Dental Health
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Patient Testimonials

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North Shore Center of Dental Health - Staff

Our Hygienists

Our hygienist's Eva and Lisa are friendly, funny, compassionate and highly skilled. They take special time with each patient to address their specific concerns and educate the patient on maintaining optimum dental health for a lifetime. Additionally, Eva speaks fluent Polish. Whether you are a patient who visit's the Dentist regularly or one who has not seen a Dentist in quite awhile (or not at all!), you can rest assured that you will leave feeling great and looking forward to your next visit! Many patients feel embarrassed that they have been unable to maintain their preventative care due to outside circumstances, or perhaps they have not been properly educated regarding the need for regular checkups. You should never feel embarrassed. The important thing is that you  are ready now to make a commitment to your dental health. And our Biolase Laser Certified Hygienists are ready to help!

Our Dental Assistants

Chris, Natalya and Yelena are ready to welcome you. They will make you feel comfortable and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Some patients feel more comfortable discussing their situation with the Assistant's than the Doctors and we understand that and appreciate that confidence. Both Natalya and Yelena speak fluent Russian. 

Our Front Office

Jody and Iliana will most likely be your contact once you make the important (and wise) decision to call us. They are both extremely helpful and friendly. It is their goal to make you look forward to your appointment and to alleviate any fears or concerns you may have. They are always here to help you in any way possible. If they are presented with a question they cannot answer, you can rest assured they will find the answer for you! "I don't know" is simply not a phrase in their vocabulary. Additionally, Iliana speaks fluent Spanish. Jody is our resident insurance expert and continually strives to stay abreast of the constant changes and fluctuations in the dental insurance industry. 

Jody or Iliana will create a payment plan that is comfortable for you and allows for you to receive the care you need and want without stressing your finances. It is our desire to make you happy both clinically and financially!