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Patient Testimonials

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Patient Testimonials

Our goal is to provide our patients with the highest level of care in an enjoyable and comfortable environment. We have a team of professional, compassionate individuals who help to make our office the positive, nurturing, and safe environment our patients deserve. Please take a look for yourself and see what our patients have to say about North Shore Center of Dental Health. Then come in to our office to experience it for yourself!

Great Job

You know you're great when even after you stuck, poked and drilled me I say you're outstanding. Great job folks -I have serious issues with going to a dentist and everyone at your office has made it easy. You must put something in the water!
Thanks again!
- David

Truthful and Accurate

The office provides an atmosphere that is friendly and professional at the same time. As a patient, I feel that the exam I receive and information given is truthful and accurate. The past two practices I've used pushed on me several must have procedures that were not valid. The feeling that was conveyed in the other practices was that I was just another billing potential for the office. I appreciate the service and treatment I have received from North Shore Dental. Thank you.

I Am Forever Grateful

I just wanted to say that when I had an emergency with a broken molar, my own regular dentist "couldn't get me in" to see me for two weeks! In pain and petrified of dental offices and dentists, I made a call to 1-800-dentist because I was in pain and at my wits end not being able to find anyone to see me or help me on such short notice. They put me in contact with your office and within 30 minutes I was at your office in the chair being examined! The way I was treated entering the office and being taken to the back rooms to be examined was outstanding! I tip my hat to all of you in the office who took a crying, petrified, in extreme pain stranger and eased my nerves, calmed me and comforted me (not to mention take my PAIN AWAY!) I am forever grateful and look forward to seeing you aain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
- Lori

Helped Me In A True Emergency

I came in for an emergency situation & the staff could not have been more cordial, caring & truly concerned about me. Dr. B. was outstanding! He explained in detail what was going on with my tooth, wrote me two prescriptions and by that evening, my pain was gone & the selling had subsided by 40%-50%. Since I do not have insurance, the staff diligently recommended where I could go for $4 prescriptions. On my return visit, Dr. B told me what procedures would be necessary to correct my problem and reassuring me all the time that payments could be worked out. That alone was a tremendous relief! You guys are the very best!! Thank you
- Forever...Kimmy S.

I Love This Place

I love your staff. When I come, I am always greeted with a smile and the office staff, dentist, and hygienist knows my name. You always make scheduling my next teeth cleaning or appointment easy and I can always count on friendliness when I arrive. If I get diagnosed with something, I always count on it to be accurate. I am petrified not so much of dentists, but of the tools used - I hate the drilling sound - but when I come, I am always able to calm down if I'm upset about what has to be done and I'm always told about what needs to be done so that I can understand it. I LOVE THIS PLACE!! I never want to go anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock :)

Always Put At Ease

Dr. B is fabulous and so is the staff. Although I am always a bit nervous depending on the treatment, I am always put at ease by the warmth, friendliness and professionalism of the North Shore Dental staff. Thanks to all of you and Happy New Year!

Great Financial Offers

The offers for people without dental insurance really helped my family and I out.

The Staff Make Your Feel Welcome

The staff consistently makes you feel welcomed. I arrived early and was taken care of before my actual appointment time.

I Recommend Everyone Go Here

The staff is very helpful and friendly. I recommend everyone I know to North Shore Dental. Very pleased with every thing about the facility.
Thank you

I Am In Good Hands

I love the friendly, personal service. I always feel that I (and my teeth) are both in good hands! Thanks!
- MaryJean

Make You Feel At Ease

I like the friendliness of the staff, and also that the dentist and assistant make you feel at ease during the treatment, and that they have a sense of humor. Great office.

Thorough and Quick

The office is very clean. I came early and the staff was able to fit me in so I didn't have to wait. They are very thorough, but also quick. They remembered the issues I had been having without me needing to bring them up

Eva is Outstanding

Eva the hygienist is outstanding. She puts pride into her work and really cares about her patients. I always leave out of her office knowing I received the best care!
- Lucy

Everyone Is Friendly!

The staff, from the docs to hygienist to front office, are all very friendly, ALL the time! They're never having a bad day and even if they are, I can't tell. I look forward to their happy faces! Keep it up,
- Noreen L.

Always Friendly

I like that the whole office knows me and is always friendly to me and if I should call they know I have to come in
- Maureen

Courteous, Friendly, and Caring

This is the best dental office that I have ever been to. They are very courteous, friendly, and caring. They explain everything to you. :) Very satisfied.

Outstanding Customer Service

Keep up the outstanding customer service! I always enjoy chatting with the lady who cleans my teeth!

So Accomodating

Everybody is so accommodating and the nicest group of people I have dealt with. It's a joy to go to your office.


I look forward to coming to the dentist, soon! North Shore DEntal is excellent, for my dental care needs. I look forward to seeing Dr. Chris very soon, I hope!

I Am Always Treated Like Family

I am always treated like family. I hate going to the dentist, however, Dr Baboulas is so gentle and makes me feel so comfortable he makes a horrible experience so much better. I love you guys

Eva and Dr. Baboulas Are The Best

From the ambiance to the staff to the care that's provided, this is - by far - the best dental office I have ever been in. Eva and Dr. Baboulas are the best. I'm sorry to be leaving town and hope I find an office even half as good where I'm going. I tell everyone about it.


You're all the best. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my choppers! Thanks for taking such good care of all of us over the years.

I am Very Pleased

I am very pleased with my new Dentist. I have, in the past hated my experiences at the dentist, but Dr. Chris is wonderful. He makes me feel comfortable and I totally trust him. I have never had any procedure performed and received a phone call from the doctor or dentist to see how I am doing as Dr. Chris has. I love this office!