DaVinci Veneers

You know your smile is healthy, but maybe you have chips, misalignments, discoloration, or other esthetic issues that keep you from smiling as often as you might.

Veneers are one of our most popular methods for improving the appearance of a flawed smile. These thin shells of porcelain are placed directly over your teeth, concealing flaws so all people see is a beautiful smile every time you show it off.

At North Shore Dental, we use DaVinci veneers. Dr. Chris Baboulas is one of only 2 percent of all dentists in the United States who is a certified DaVinci dentist. These hand-crafted veneers have been providing Hollywood with beautiful smiles for three decades. Now you can have a movie star smile as well!

What Are the Advantages to Veneers?

Not only will DaVinci veneers give you a white, bright, straight smile, but they will also repair chipped, gapped, and misshapen teeth. They are resistant to stains from wine, coffee, tea, and cigarettes. These permanent restorations will last for many years, but if they do become damaged, they can be replaced.

Why Are DaVinci Veneers Special?

If you look at a natural tooth, you'll notice that there is a sparkle and radiance to it. Using the best quality materials, DaVinci veneers are ultra-thin and made of porcelain, closely matching the translucence of the natural tooth. They also provide superior fit and color matching.

Who Should Get DaVinci Veneers?


In general, veneers are ideal to address the following dental issues:

  • Hiding discolored areas that are resistant to whitening
  • Covering up teeth that are chipped or cracked
  • Providing a more uniform color
  • Giving misaligned teeth a better appearance without braces
  • Lengthening too-short teeth
  • Widening teeth to conceal gaps and spaces

If DaVinci veneers are right for you, Dr. Baboulas will work carefully to design veneers that complement your face and complexion, ensuring your new smile looks like the one you were born to have.

You’ll get to “try on” the veneers before we create and bond the permanent set. Care for these permanent restorations exactly as you would your natural teeth. You will also want to keep up with twice yearly dental exams and cleanings.

Find Out More About DaVinci Veneers

Contact us to make an appointment for an assessment to get started so you can have the smile you’ve always wanted.