Digital X-Rays

Most people do not enjoy taking time out of their busy schedule to visit the dentist. At North Shore Center of Dental Health, we understand this. Dr. Chris Baboulas, Dr. Bruce Abdullah, and Dr. Kathy Karalekas want to make your visit to the dentist as quick and convenient as possible.

One of the ways we do this is by implementing technology such as digital x-rays. Not only do digital x-rays yield a great deal less radiation than traditional x-rays, but they are also faster. They also offer greater resolution, allowing for earlier intervention and prevention of dental issues. We can detect potential problems early on when taking care of them is easier and generally more affordable.

We use proven technology to make your visit more comfortable, accurate, and safe. Digital x-rays are one way we can do that.

Digital X-Rays Are Efficient

X-rays are an essential part of your treatment because they enable us to determine what is happening with your teeth below the surface. Not everything can be seen with the naked eye, and digital x-rays enable us to see problems before they are visible.  With digital x-rays, we can discover minor issues before they become major problems.

Digital X-Rays Are Fast

With digital x-rays, after the image is shot, it can be uploaded directly to a computer for immediate observation.

In addition, copies of digital x-rays can be made quickly and printed efficiently. If your insurance company is waiting for a copy of your x-ray to determine treatment coverage, this can be handled immediately. Claims get processed more efficiently, meaning you may not have to wait for treatment.

Digital X-Rays Are Versatile

With a digital x-ray, your dentist can enlarge the picture and view it on a computer screen. This makes it much easier for them to identify every single aspect of your problem and what is necessary for your treatment.

If a mistake is made during the x-ray, digital copies can often be fixed without the need for an additional picture to be taken. 

Digital X-Rays Are Safe

Digital x-rays expose patients to less radiation, making them safer for everyone. Although certain patients, such as pregnant women, will want to be careful when having x-rays taken, digital radiographs mean more accessibility for all.

Call us today and enjoy the safe efficiency of digital radiographs at North Shore Center of Dental Health!