Mini-Implant Supported Dentures

If you are missing a large number of teeth, dentures can be a great way to restore both the form and function of your smile. The options for dentures today look very natural, and they function better as well—particularly when mini-implants are used for denture stabilization.

If loose dentures mean you are missing out on eating your favorite foods or you are afraid to laugh or speak in public, mini-implant supported dentures will dramatically improve your quality of life. Talk to us at North Shore Center of Dental Health about enhancing your life with these secure, natural-looking dentures.

How Do Mini-Implant Supported Dentures Work?

Like regular dental implants, the surgically placed mini-implant is made of a titanium post that takes on the same role as the root of your tooth.

But instead of a crown affixed to the top of the implant, there is a ball that fits into the base of your denture. The denture snaps into place over the implant, keeping the denture secure. 

One of the biggest advantages to mini-implants is that because they are smaller in diameter than traditional dental implants, they can be placed where there isn’t enough bone for a traditional implant. Because the implants are incorporated into the jawbone, they prevent further bone loss, ensuring your dentures always fit properly.

The minimally invasive procedure means there isn’t a lengthy healing period and dentures feel comfortable on the gum tissue instantly.

In the hours following the procedure, patients may experience some mild discomfort, but their dentures should instantly feel secure.

Caring for Mini-Implant Supported Dentures

Care is straightforward as the dentures can be removed for cleaning just as traditional dentures can. But it is also important to care for your implants just as you would your natural teeth, keeping the connectors in your jawbone clean of food and debris by brushing after meals. Just as plaque develops on your natural teeth, the same can occur with your implants.

Find Out More About Mini-Implant Supported Dentures

If you are tired of loose-fitting dentures that interfere with eating, speaking, and smiling, call us about mini-implant supported dentures and find out if you might be a good candidate. We look forward to talking with you!