Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

Gum disease—or periodontal disease—is a big problem in the United States. In fact, estimates by the American Academy of Periodontology point toward as many as 75 percent suffering from some form of the disease.

Many people don’t even realize they have gum disease, and even those who do know they have gum disease frequently are not receiving treatment for it. Gum health can impact overall health, including increasing the risk for diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Periodontal disease can be treated, particularly when it is caught early. Periodontal laser therapy is now available to treat gum disease without surgery, meaning little or no anesthesia and quicker recovery time.

Regardless of how your gum disease has progressed, the team at North Shore Center of Dental Health can treat your periodontal disease and help you keep your gums healthy.

Healthy Gums Mean a Healthy Smile

Healthy gums do not just mean an attractive smile; your gums actually protect your teeth from bacteria, keeping disease and decay at bay.

Although gum disease is sometimes asymptomatic, some people suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Gums that bleed when you brush your teeth
  • Swollen, tender, red gums
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Loose, separating teeth
  • Teeth that look longer because gums have pulled away
  • Pus between gums and teeth

Causes of Gum Disease

The primary cause is bacteria—or plaque—and how the body responds to it. This can be influenced by many factors, including:

  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • The immune system
  • Frequency of regular dental checkups

Treating Gum Disease with Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

Soft tissue laser therapy provides a less invasive method of treating gum disease. Because little or no anesthesia is used, patients enjoy faster healing times.

Once your dentist removes any tartar and calculus from your teeth, a laser will remove the diseased and infected tissues in the gum pockets around your teeth. The laser will also destroy the bacteria at the root of your gum disease, encouraging healing of the gums.

Keeping Your Gums Strong and Healthy

Gum disease treatment keeps harmful bacteria in the mouth under control. Patients who have undergone gum surgery should plan on visiting their dentist every three or four months for periodontal maintenance.

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